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Discover Aveyron

Welcome to the “Discover the Aveyron” blog! This is where you will discover the Aveyron that you perhaps didn’t know about: find advice and tips, the latest news, ideas for visits, the not-to-be-missed places… Everything to fully enjoy the Aveyron!

Aligot, an Aveyronnais spectacle

By Justine | 20 June 2011 | Categories Gastronomy | no comments, why not add yours ?

      Aligot certainly does come from the Aubrac. You don’t know what it is yet? Well, it’s a spectacle; Imagine the scene, you are in a buron on the vast Aubrac plateau. Perhaps it’s cold outside, you’ve just finished a long walk on snow shoes and you sit down at a table next […]


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@loeildeos @WeAreTravel_FR @BerthierXavier Hâte de vous accueillir en Aveyron ! #AveyronEmotion
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@WeAreTravel_FR @BerthierXavier Bon courage ! ✌🏻
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