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Welcome to the “Discover the Aveyron” blog! This is where you will discover the Aveyron that you perhaps didn’t know about: find advice and tips, the latest news, ideas for visits, the not-to-be-missed places… Everything to fully enjoy the Aveyron!

Top 10 gastronomic specialities in Aveyron

By Justine | 23 September 2011 | Categories Gastronomy | no comments, why not add yours ?

On 23 September, France celebrates food with the Festival of Gastronomy.


It is the perfect occasion to give you the top 10 gastronomic specialities in Aveyron !


1. Aligot


Who still doesn’t know about aligot ? This very special mash potatoes  with “tome fraîche” from Laguiole !


Aligot recipe



2. Roquefort


It is called the “King of Cheeses” – is it necessary to introduce Roquefort ?






3. Farçous


Small pancakes definitely from Aveyron, which flood the local markets with their mouth-watering smell. Each family in Aveyron has its very own recipe of farçous. One thing is for sure, they all have Swiss chard !


Farçous recipe



4. Tripous


Either you like them or hate them. Understandably, tripous are made from calf or lamb stomach …





5. Estofinado


The aveyronnais dish made with fish ! You will find this speciality around Decazeville. It is made with stockfish (a sort of dried cod) potatoes and eggs. Much better than a simple fish pie!


Estofinado recipe


6. Gâteau à la broche


A cake which is as good to eat as beautiful to look at ! Baked on a spit over a wood fire, we make at the very least two for weddings, christenings or other celebrations.


Gâteau à la broche recipe


7. Fouace


Delicious with a few drops of orange blossom flower.  Traditionally  prepared to celebrate epiphany, we no longer wait for January to bite into this wonderful cake, we eat it all year long!


Fouace recipe


8. Soupe au fromage

Some say that there is soup only in the name. Is it because the serving spoon must stand up by itself in the middle of the cheese soup in order to be brought to the table? It doesn’t matter, it is so nice and perfect to warm up the cold winter days.



Soupe au fromage recipe


9. Flaune


This is THE dessert from Millau ! And a dessert that comes with a problem if you try to make it outside Aveyron. Indeed, where will you find sheep “recuite” far from the Causses ??


Flaune recipe


10. Echaudés


Biscuits with aniseed. My grand-father used to dunk them in red wine…


Echaudés recipe




How about you? What is your favourite speciality of Aveyron?




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